Alok Amatya
ENGL 1102
Spring 2021

This course introduces students to narratives of complex relationships between human beings and the environment, including the impact of unchecked energy consumption on the global climate as well as vulnerable indigenous communities. Besides analyzing environmental literature and media that employ a range of rhetorical strategies, students in this course will compose digital projects to convey their own arguments regarding contemporary environmental debates. While learning the principles of persuasive writing, visual rhetoric, and document design, students will compose multimodal artifacts such as, electronic essay, web exhibit, and digital posters. Course materials may include Tayeb Salih’s short story “The Doum-tree of Wad Hamid” (1962), Linda Hogan’s novel Solar Storms (1995), Arundhati Roy’s essay, “For the Greater Common Good” (1999), and Christopher McLeod’s documentary film Standing on Sacred Ground (2013).

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Partner Engagement
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