Lane Duncan
ARCH 4833
ARCH 8833
Fall 2017

Our research begins with  a series of direct observation drawing exercises focusing on gesture, proportion, scale, perspective, and composition, followed by studies of master draftsmen such as Michelangelo, Raphael, and da Vinci.  Their great skill as artists was a direct manifestation of their knowledge of plants, animals, scientific principles, and the human figure.  We then are joined by professors from the School of Biology and invited experts, who discuss our drawing observations and help direct our research agenda.  Each student is then asked to investigate a relevant topic of his or her own choosing and present those findings by means of drawings, group discussions, and a brief written statement.  PLEASE NOTE:  THIS COURSE IS FULL FOR THE FALL.  HOWEVER, THE INSTRUCTOR WILL GRANT OVERLOAD APPROVAL FOR NON-ARCHITECTURE MAJORS.

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