Marnie Harris
Fall 2017

Collaborative Design is a course focused on inquiry-based learning in a project-based environment. Student teams will learn to work together creatively, in a hands-on environment, with emerging technologies to design innovative products or services. The course aims to teach design thinking as an approach that can be used to consider issues and resolve problems more broadly, and promote self-directed learning that can be applied inside and outside the classroom. The course is taught through the Excel Program ( and is designed for collaboration between GT undergraduates and Excel students. Class participants will learn the value of collaborative problem solving with individuals of varying intellect. The project-based environment allows all students to teach and learn from each other to learn the value that any individual can bring to the table - a concept that is vital to building sustainable communities. Excel students will learn from each other, GT students will learn from Excel students, Excel students will learn from GT students, and GT students will learn from each other. GT undergraduates can take the course for credit as a part of an independent study, either major-specific or MGT, depending on the department. Independent study participants will be required to do additional reflections related to the course objectives. Contact Marnie Harris ( if you are interested in taking the course as an independent study - please include your major in your email. 

Course Type
Partner Engagement