Clinical Observation Design Experience

Spring 2021
Spring 2020
Jeremy Ackerman, M.D.
BMED 4813

Clinical Observation Design Experience provides students with an opportunity to identify and solve problems in active area emergency departments. In this course students will spend approximately eight hours per week in area emergency departments including those at Emory Healthcare sites and at Grady Memorial Hospital. Students will learn and practice observation and interviewing skills and dive into relevant medical literature to develop a deep understanding of problems they discover. Story telling will be used as a tool to develop a deeper understanding of how different people experience the emergency department and to enhance their ability to communicate their understanding of the problem and their solutions to others. Over the course of the semester students will work in teams to identify and understand four different problems related to the physical (built) environment, processes, safety, and medical devices. Students are encouraged to use problems and solutions they discover for future courses such as Capstone.

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