Climate Change Fellows RFP Grantees

December 3, 2018

Since this spring, the Climate Change Fellows have been working to provide cross-college research sharing.  The Climate Change Fellows are composed of two subgroups, including the Education Working Group (led by Kim Cobb, Jennifer Hirsch, and Matthew Realff) and the Research Working Group (led by Marilyn Brown, Michael Change, and Rich Simmons).  These groups combine to expand Georgia Tech's environmentally focused course offerings as well as research projects offered across campus. The Climate Change Fellows program is sponsored by the Global Change Program, Serve-Learn-Sustain, the Strategic Energy Institute, Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems, the Ray C Anderson Center for Sustainable Business, and the Climate Change and Energy Policy Laboratory.  

Recently, 11 projects from teams of Climate Change Fellows were funded by the Global Change Program, Serve-Learn-Sustain, Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems, Strategic Energy Institute, Ocean Science & Engineering, and the College of Computing.  Read more about this exciting work below!



Alice Favero, Anne Rogers. Analyzing the feasibility of implementing a carbon price at Georgia Tech. More info here.

Jayma Koval, Alexander Robel. Developing a week-long curriculum for middle school students about sea level rise, its underlying mechanisms, and local effects. More info here.

Michael Gamble, Shan Arora, Anne Rogers, Michael Chang. Designing affordable, energy efficient housing options for Atlanta residents. More info here.

Zachary Handlos, Emily Weigel, Todd Michney. Developing a 2000- or 3000-level class for 10-20 undergrad students in Fall 2019 to help improve understanding and interest in climate change impacts on  urban spaces, specifically water, air, and land issues. More info here.



Anne Rogers, Karen Head, Katie Ferris, Shan Arora. Creating an anthology of art and creative outputs from the GT community on the subject of how we regenerate ourselves as individuals as we observe the climate crisis. More info here.



Ashok Goel, Jayma Koval, Emily Weigel. Enabling students, policy makers, and citizen scientists to construct simple models of ecosystems and local impacts of climate change. More info here.

Daniel Matisoff, Baabak Ashuri, Malte Weiland. Understanding the diffusion of information about energy and environmental technologies through a network of building contractors constructing the Living Building. More info here.

Jenny McGuire, Allen Hyde. Defining climate resilience from different social-ecological system perspectives. More info here.

Joel Kostka, Laura Taylor, Frank Stewart. Understanding the value of salt marshes around Savannah, as both a carbon sink and as a physical barrier to protect against storms. More info here.

Rachel Kuske, Marilyn Brown, Richard Catrambone. Modernizing the National Energy Modeling System, starting with a submodule that focuses on electric vehicles. More info here.

Shannon Yee, et al. Developing new cooling processes, materials, technologies, and policies for stationary (eg buildings) and mobile (eg automotive) applications. More info here.