The City in U.S. History

Spring 2020
Spring 2018
Daniel Amsterdam
HTS 3011

Through a combination of lectures, readings, and discussion, "The City in U.S. History" (HTS 3011) examines the nature of urban life throughout U.S. history.  It explores how cities have arisen, declined, and changed over time due to economic, demographic, cultural, and political developments as well as shifts in ideas about how to manage urban and later metropolitan affairs.  It also examines how cities have served as engines of cultural and artistic production as well as why cities have been a perennial source of political controversy.  Above all, it contends that the struggle to make cities livable and sustainable remains one of the most pressing issues of our time and that understanding the past is an indispensable tool for moving toward a better urban future.  The course counts toward fulfilling Georgia Tech's social science (Area E) core requirement.

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