Chemical Principles II

Fall 2020
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Jake Soper

This Honors Program section of Chemical Principles II differs from traditional large lectures in two key areas: First, core chemical concepts are introduced by considering "big questions" in chemistry, typically pertaining to the challenge of powering the planet with clean energy. For instance, how do catalytic converters mitigating transportation emissions, and what are the impacts on pricing and availability of precious metals? Second, extensive class time is devoted to exploring the intersections of chemistry and policy through in-class discussions, debates, and games/exercises. For example, what are the origins and impacts of the EPA Clean Air Act, and how can cap-and-trade be used as a mechanism to mitigate global CO2 emissions? Together these activities link fundamental chemistry education to real-world challenges in sustainability while providing an enhanced appreciation of the policy-derived mechanisms commonly employed to drive large-scale changes in these areas.

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Honors Program only
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