Andi Coulter
LMC 3403
Fall 2020
Spring 2020

LMC 3403 Bussiness Communication is a course dedicated to finding innovative and synergistic approaches to the community through a multiplicity of communicative practices. The class is part of the WOVEN (Written, Oral, Visual, Electronic and Nonverbal) emphasis at Georgia Tech, something that the class aims varying means. The course centers around start-up culture and entrepreneurship in community art and design. Currently, there are a group of students who are linked to the CS Junior Design class. This group is putting together an app that helps navigate any of Atlanta's current art events through GPS location, as well as allowing for users to post images, video and comments in real-time about an event they are currently attending. This project is aimed at helping smaller Atlanta arts businesses find new avenues of marketing and social media advocacy. Currently we are beta-testing with music events from the larger scale (funded venues) to smaller community-based events or events in non-traditional spaces. I aim to teach make business communication about cross-community collaboration and engagement. 

Course Level
Partner Engagement