Renee Buesking
ENGL 1102
Spring 2023
Fall 2022
Summer 2022

How do we, as (part-time, full-time, or temporary) citizens of Atlanta, uncover the diverse layers of the past which structure our campus, the city, and other places that we inhabit, pass through, or imagine? Atlanta’s streets, avenues, green spaces, and buildings may look permanent but instead are in a constant state of flux. What was here before? What will be here in the future? Through a focus on the ongoing community project which seeks to restore, memorialize, and protect the site of the former Chattahoochee Brick Company, students in this course will work in small teams to research, create, revise, and present a variety of WOVEN communication regarding the future of one of Atlanta’s most important, and most endangered, sites. Assignments include a research report, a proposal for a new interactive structure on the site of the former Chattahoochee Brick Company, and a presentation of proposed materials. Together we will work at the intersection of nature and preservation, technology, forced labor, human rights, and community to imagine a different Atlanta of the future.

Course Type
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Partner Engagement
Core Curriculum Requirements