Aleksander Sedzielarz
ENGL 1102
Spring 2020

If you feel like you sometimes see the world differently than your friends, family, and classmates, you might just be a documentary filmmaker. This course gives you a framework for trying to put your vision on film. It won't be as hard as you think--it will actually be a lot of fun. The materials for your film are all around you--the people and place of Atlanta provide us with exciting stories, a passionate cast of characters, and beautiful scenes for our film. Our class will be a series of short projects, in which you will work with a production team of your classmates to produce a short documentary about the ways that art is an essential part of our lives and work in the public spaces of the city. Our digital film projects will be socially engaged short documentaries that we plan and create with community partners. Your group will form relationships with groups like local theaters, music and dance venues, film studios, architecture and design companies, and grant-giving government and non-profit organizations. The emphasis of the course will be on building these relationships in a way that helps you tell a story of the lasting contributions of these groups to building (and transforming) the city--and you will be telling this story in a way that helps your organization to meet its mission and goals, using your creativity to help others Atlantans hear these important community voices.

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Partner Engagement