Fred Pearsall
ARCH 4227
ARCH 6227
Fall 2023
Spring 2023
Spring 2022
Spring 2021
Spring 2020

This seminar brings together diverse individuals from all majors to pursue a more just and resilient built environment through interdisciplinary dialogue, readings, research, design and other forms of action. It is affiliated with Georgia Tech’s Serve-Learn-Sustain initiative and supports its commitment to helping its students develop the expertise needed “to help create sustainable communities where humans and nature flourish, now and in the future.” During the first half of the course, seminar members engage current environmental problems from an ecological perspective—learning essentials of ecological thinking and science in relation to design practice and construction as well as the research methods needed to advance our understanding of these things. Parallel to this, each member develops their own framework for researching causal interrelationships between natural and cultural spheres in the design of the built environment that are relevant to their own interests and the world at large. In the second half of the course, members conduct their research, developing related case studies, and dialoguing with current researchers in the field.

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