About Serve-Learn-Sustain

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Serve-Learn-Sustain facilitates campus-wide, interdisciplinary efforts linking teaching, research, and action to create sustainable communities, in Georgia, the United States, and around the globe.

To that end, we convene faculty, post-doctoral fellows, staff, students, and off-campus partners to examine key themes related to sustainable community-building and support new directions in research, teaching, and action related to engineering, science, technology, design, and policy.

Together we also explore how Tech can best contribute to creating sustainable communities, building on the assets of our institution and the talents and interests of our people.

Our goals are to:

  1. help students map pathways for building on their disciplinary expertise and personal interests to make worthwhile contributions to the world, while they are in school and after they graduate, 
  2. develop more and deeper partnerships between Georgia Tech and off-campus partners engaged in creating sustainable communities, and
  3. mobilize Georgia Tech's community to participate in these efforts.

By linking our work to national and global networks, we also aim to learn from, and impact, other higher education institutions' efforts, and particularly those of technological institutes, to collaborate in creating sustainable communities.