Concept Maps


This tool provides an overview of concept maps, and how to use them. Concept maps (CMaps) are diagrams that represent organized knowledge. They are a useful tool for assessing student knowledge over the course of a project, module, or course. You can also utilize concept maps as a pre- and post-assessment activity to test student knowledge regarding a specific topic or skill.

Here you’ll find multiple resources to help you utilize Concept maps in your classroom. Start by watching the Concept Mapping Tutorial on YouTube, and Review the Concept Mapping Introduction PowerPoint. Here is an additional Introduction to Concept Maps that you might find useful.

If you’re interested in Concept Mapping using a computer program, consider CMapTools©. Review the Concept Map Complete Instructions (How to Download CMapTools©, How to Use CMapTools©), then assign the Concept Mapping Assignment

Finally, once your students have created their own concept maps, use the guides and rubrics to assess their work, using either the analytic or traditional method.

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