Affiliated Courses

Note: ALL Summer 2020 courses are offered as virtual courses.

SLS Affiliated Courses span all six Colleges. These courses teach students about "creating sustainable communities" from the perspective of their specific disciplines or course topics. They align with one or more parts of SLS' approach to creating sustainable communities.

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Linked Courses Programs 2019-2020: Equitable & Sustainable Development (Summer 2019); Green Infrastructure (Fall 2019)

Advanced Russian: Mediating Russian Culture

Spring 2020
RUSS 3002
Affiliated Courses

This is a content oriented language course that investigates current topic under discussion across Russian culture and media.


Architecture & Ecology

Spring 2020
ARCH 4227, ARCH 6227
Affiliated Courses
In our time of climate change, this course brings together people and discourses from many disciplines in pursuit of more resilient social-ecological systems within our built environments through dialogue, interdisciplinary research, design, and action.

Art/Work in Atlanta

Spring 2020
ENGL 1102
Affiliated Courses

If you feel like you sometimes see the world differently than your friends, family, and classmates, you might just be a documentary filmmaker. This course gives you a framework for trying to put your vision on film. It won't be as hard as you think--it will actually be a lot of fun.


Atlanta in the 1960s

Spring 2020
ENGL 1102
Affiliated Courses
This course will utilize the materials collected in the Ivan Allen Digital Archive to explore the history of Atlanta in the 1960s through the lens of Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.’s administration (1962-70).


Spring 2020
BIOS 4651
Affiliated Courses

Students will not only learn about the ethical dilemmas in our community, but develop measures and actions to alleviate such. They could make a lasting impact on the community and learn the values of life long service.


Biological Principles

Spring 2021, Fall 2020, Summer 2020, Spring 2020, Fall 2019
BIOL 1107
Affiliated Courses

This active learning course is designed to have students work on applied problems, including those associated with climate change and human health, by applying the fundamentals of biology.


Business Communication

Fall 2020, Spring 2020
LMC 3403
Affiliated Courses, Kendeda Building

LMC 3403 Bussiness Communication is a course dedicated to finding innovative and synergistic approaches to the community through a multiplicity of communicative practices.


Capstone Design

Spring 2021, Fall 2020, Spring 2020, Fall 2019, Spring 2019, Fall 2018, Spring 2018, Fall 2017, Summer 2017, Spring 2017, Fall 2016
CEE 4090A
Affiliated Courses

Capstone Design is an interdisciplinary civil and environmental design experience.  Students form teams of 3 – 5 people, and these teams function as “companies” that provide consulting services to a selected sponsor on a specific design project.


Civil Engineering Systems

Spring 2020, Fall 2019
CEE 3000
Affiliated Courses
In CEE 3000, we learn about civil engineering systems and how to apply the systems approach and a sustainable engineering approach to planning, design, implementation, operation and renewal of systems.

Climate Policy

Summer 2020, Spring 2020, Spring 2019, Summer 2018, Spring 2018
PUBP 3320
Affiliated Courses, Sustainable Cities Minor

NOTE: Summer sections are only offered as part of the study abroad program, Sustainable Development and Climate Change: A Multidisciplinary


Clinical Observation Design Experience

Spring 2021, Fall 2020, Spring 2020
BMED 4813
Affiliated Courses, Kendeda Building

Clinical Observation Design Experience provides students with an opportunity to identify and solve problems in active area emergency departments.


Construction Management

Spring 2021, Fall 2020, Spring 2020
BC 6025
Affiliated Courses

BC6025 Construction Management is a required course for all Building Construction master students in the Program management and construction management track, and also one of the required electives for students in the facility management track.


Construction Management and Megaprojects

Spring 2020, Spring 2019, Spring 2018
CEE 4150
Affiliated Courses

“Restore and improve urban infrastructure” is one of the 14 grand challenges for engineering in the 21st century, according to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE).


Design + Research Studio

Spring 2021, Spring 2020
ARCH 6072
Affiliated Courses, Kendeda Building

Key to the course is the incorporation of high performance active and passive energy systems into very well-conceived and executed building and site design propositions.


Documentary Film

Spring 2020, Spring 2018, Spring 2017, Fall 2016
LMC 3258
Affiliated Courses

 Documentaries help shed light on significant topics, and challenge their audiences to act on relevant issues of the day.


Earth Processes

Fall 2020, Summer 2020, Spring 2020
EAS 2600
Affiliated Courses, Kendeda Building

NOTE: The Summer 2020 course will be offered online only.



Spring 2020
BIOS 2300
Affiliated Courses, Sustainable Cities Minor

Ecology is a flipped course where students work on applied problems, including those associated with climate change, invasive species, overexploitation etc.


Ecology Lab

Fall 2020, Spring 2020, Fall 2019, Fall 2018, Spring 2018, Fall 2017, Fall 2016
BIOS 2301
Affiliated Courses, Sustainable Cities Minor, Kendeda Building

Ecology Lab covers basic ecological phenomenon using urban ecological settings as the backdrop. As a class, we visit areas in the metro-Atlanta community to understand human-environment interactions within our ecosystem.


Economics of the Environment

Spring 2020
ECON 4440
Affiliated Courses

Is economic growth incompatible with environmental quality? This course discusses how human social and economic behavior impacts and is impacted by the environment.


Educational Applications of New Media

Spring 2020
LMC 6213
Affiliated Courses, Kendeda Building

This course asks how selected educational theories can inform tangible media design to support informed action on environmental challenges. We will ask how to use such approaches to support creativity, engagement, and education on issues such as pollution, waste, and recycling.


Energy, Efficiency, and Sustainability

Spring 2020, Fall 2018
ISYE 4501
Affiliated Courses, Sustainable Cities Minor

This course addresses energy and environmental assessment from a systems perspective.


Energy, Environment, and Society

Spring 2020, Spring 2017
EAS 3110
Affiliated Courses

The quest for a sustainable energy future involves balancing a series of oftentimes competing goals.


English Service Learning for Sustainable Futures

Spring 2020, Spring 2019, Spring 2018, Fall 2017
Affiliated Courses

This English language course will develop spoken and written language skills through the theme of sustainable cities. We will examine environmental and technological issues in sustainability for Atlanta and students’ home country cities.


Environmental Justice in Global Literature and Media

Spring 2020
ENGL 1102
Affiliated Courses
Students in this course learn about how communities in diverse parts of the world are meeting the challenges posed by unsustainable development and environmental degradation.

Environmental Monitoring and Impact Assessment

Spring 2020, Spring 2017
CEE 4620
Affiliated Courses

The course emphasizes the regulatory aspects of environmental analysis as well as analytical techniques employed in environmental impact assessment.