Goal 4: Quality Education

Near Peer Mentoring: Experience in Urban Education

Mentors improve the chances that a child facing social and economic disadvantages will beat the odds and succeed. In this course each Georgia Tech student will engage in near-peer mentoring with high school students as they prepare for college. You will expand your understanding and empathy through exposure to experiences with education that are likely different in some ways from your own. You will also identify the issues that contribute to the persistent inequality in the US education system as well as the solutions that have been proposed to address them.


Socio-Economic Ecologies of the Atlanta Home

This course focuses on the socio-economic ecologies that support (or not) the sustainable Purpose Built Communities Model. Organizations like the Grove Park Foundation in Atlanta aim to target issues like unequal housing and education through initiatives such as Mixed Income Housing, Cradle-to-College Education, and community health and wellness programs. However, issues like gentrification, environmental degradation, and economic crises hinder this equitable decision making.

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