TWO Climate Change Related Opportunities - Internship and Fall Course

May 6, 2019

This summer and fall, we have two exciting opportunities related to climate change: an innovative Fall semester course, and a Summer 2019 internship.  

Extreme Atlanta: Climate Change in Urban Spaces (EAS 4813/8813)

At least once a term, SLS highlights a course or courses that demonstrate particularly creative approaches to SLS’s priority issue areas—in this case: climate change. “Extreme Atlanta: Climate Change in Urban Spaces” won funding from the Climate Fellows Program for its exciting interdisciplinary approach. Brought to you by three dynamic faculty members, Emily Weigel (Biological Sciences), Zachary Handlos (Earth and Atmospheric Sciences), and Todd Michney (History and Sociology), this unique project-based course will expose students to local problems within the greater Atlanta, GA region tied to global climate change. Students will investigate local impacts in the context of atmospheric, hydrological, and land processes on the city, including a detailed look at the biological impacts to organisms in this region (including humans), and a truly “immersive” learning experience in Proctor Creek! Through three module projects and a final term project, students will learn about the consequences of climate change in the region and brainstorm adaptation and mitigation strategies to help combat and prevent such negative conseque nces. REGISTER NOW WHILE THERE ARE STILL SPOTS REMAINING! If you have concerns about being able to meet course pre-requisites, please contact Dr. Weigel to determine whether you may nonetheless be eligible for the course.

Extreme Atlanta: Climate Change in Urban FALL 2019 Special Topics – EAS 4813 (CRN 91179) or EAS 8813 (CRN 91180).  Pre-requisites: EAS 1600 or 2600 or BIOL 1510 or BIOL 1520 for undergraduate students; none for graduate students ES&T L1118 and L1105 M 10:10 AM -12:05 PM R 8:00 AM – 10:45 AM

GA Smart Internship: Smart Sea Level Sensor Team

Still looking for a summer internship?  Apply to be part of the Smart Sea Level Sensor Team, with the Chatham County Emergency Management Agency.  The intern will work with the Smart Sea Level Sensor team to design and ideally implement strategies to visualize sea level sensor data and incorporate the sensor data into flood risk mitigation planning in Chatham County.  Click below to read the full description and for application instructions.