Sustainable Community & Systems

Spring 2016
Beril Toktay
Kim Cobb
Matthew J. Realff
Richard Barke
GT 2803 HP1
GT 4803 HP1

This course has a GT designation so students in any major can count it towards free electives, and it is additionally cross-listed with Public Policy, Management and Earth & Atmospheric Sciences. You can register for any one of GT 2803 HP1, or GT 4803 HP1, or PUBP HP1, or MGT A or EAS HP1 and you’ll be in the same course!

We will explore sustainability from a systems perspective, including physical/resource balances, ecological/carbon cycle processes, economic/financial practices, political/policy processes and public participation as they relate to communities in Atlanta and around the world. Case studies (in forestry, fracking, climate and fisheries) and exercises will demonstrate how these systems interact. We will start with sustainability and connect to community.

We focus on concepts and methods for meaningful action, whether you aspire to be director of R&D at Georgia Power; an engineer with the City of Savannah's Department of Public Works; environmental and business advisor to the leading GOP candidate for governor of Georgia in 2019; sustainability chief for the city of Atlanta, tasked by the mayor with mobilizing efforts in non-affluent communities; or part of a strategic planning team at a major US auto manufacturer, a major pulp and paper company, or a leading natural gas producer.

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