Sustainability & Development in the Francophone World

Spring 2021
Spring 2020
Julie Hugonny
FREN 4064
FREN 6064

This course introduces students to French and Francophone sustainability practices and provides an introduction to French and Francophone social perspectives. This course will be primarily a topics-based course, and each class will focus on a different area of sustainability policy. A strong focus of the class will be in understanding issues in the design, implementation, and evaluation of French and Francophone environmental policy. We will evaluate policies designed to reduce water use and pollution, improve air quality, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Students will develop their skills in explaining their theory of change and empirical evidence in various forms common to public policy jobs: memos, blog posts, one-pagers, etc. Course readings will include textbooks, policy pieces, blog posts, Youtube videos and podcasts, and academic articles. Another part of this course will explore the links between French and Francophone community and environmental sustainability using the lens of social-ecological resilience. What values/beliefs, knowledge, practices and norms have contributed towards the sustainability of French and Francophone resources and ecosystems? How are small social groups demonstrating resilience in the face of larger scale political, economic, cultural, and environmental change? Drawing on interdisciplinary social science literature, the course critically discusses concepts, theories and issues of resilience in French and Francophone societies. Students will: develop their analysis skills related to methodology for social and cultural studies; analyze documents and content related to sustainable development in France and Francophone; improve their oral and written communication skills in French at the mid-advanced level; and understand the importance of sustainability practices in French-speaking cultures today.

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