SLS Linked Courses

“Creating sustainable communities” requires understanding issues from multiple perspectives and within broad contexts. To that end, each semester, SLS links together classes from multiple GT colleges and schools with some key community partners, under broad sustainable communities themes. Through a series of joint workshops and activities, students, faculty, and partners jointly explore problems and solutions from different academic and practitioner perspectives.

After running Linked Courses programs multiple semesters, we have determined that the joint activities only work when faculty 1) require their students to attend, 2) count attendance as part of the students’ grades (e.g., participation grade), and 3) attend themselves as well, to demonstrate seriousness and contribute to the activities. SLS coordinates with faculty to schedule these activities in windows that best suit everyone’s availability. We also have SLS student workers check students in and provide faculty with a list of the students from their course who attend each activity. SLS recognizes that GT policy stipulates that students cannot be penalized for failure to attend outside-of-class activities (“Student – Faculty Expectations,” Teaching at Georgia Tech, 2018-2019). As there are always a few students with conflicts, faculty should have alternative ways for students to meet the requirement for activities they cannot make. Some of the activities are recorded, so watching the video and completing a response worksheet provided by SLS may be one option. SLS is happy to work with faculty to suggest and create alternatives.

Linked Courses are offered under different themes each semester. Click on the themes below to learn more.  To take part, just register for one of the courses listed.  If you are a faculty member wishing to learn more about the Linked Courses program, please click HERE.

Questions? Contact SLS Service Learning and Partnerships Specialist Ruthie Yow.