SLCE Nuts and Bolts Test Page

Use this resource guide to learn more about service learning and community partnership opportunities. The guide is divided into sections designed around key questions that faculty may have about service learning, and there is also a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help get you started.

Introduction to SLS

Learn more in this section about the Georgia Tech Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain (SLS), our mission and vision, history, our key personnel, benefits to collaborating with us, and our learning outcomes.

Service Learning Basics

In this section we introduce the idea of service learning, discuss ways to enhance your own course with SLS content and partnerships, share best practices for service learning, and present ways to factor assessment practices related to service learning in your course.

A Guide to Community Engagement

Find out more about inviting elected officials and partners to campus, ways to get involved at community or government meetings, strategies for hosting sustainable events, and tips for actively listening to community partners.

Additional Faculty Guidance for Community Engaged Learning

Information about getting started with community partnerships, strategies for building grant applications with community partners, tips for getting started with Community Benefit Agreements and Memos Of Understanding, ways to collaborate effectively with community partners on research, how to get started with the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process, and basic intellectual property concerns faculty members may face as they get underway with service learning projects. We’ve also included a FAQ section.

Off-Campus Service Learning

You’ve decided to get started with service learning, but what steps come next? In this section, learn more about how to transport students off campus for service learning opportunities, safety tips for traveling with student groups, basic liability issues and required waivers, and review a checklist for planning, implementing, and evaluating service learning in your classrooms.

Documenting SLCE and Turning it Into Research

In this section, we share several techniques for documenting and sharing your service learning event. We’ve gathered tips on publishing, trip documentation, and details on student media use. Feel free to use these techniques to gather and record data about your event!

Sharing Your Research and Pedagogy

Find out more about conferences and organizations that SLS and our faculty partners already participate in. We’ve also gathered a list of publishing outlets where you can share your research about service learning.


Want to keep up with your reading about service learning? Check out this list from SLS.


Here, we’ve gathered a partial list of partners with direct or indirect contacts to SLS, our industry partners, and important Georgia Tech contacts for you to make contact with as you plan and execute your project.