Rhetoric and Poetics of Food Communities

Fall 2019
Darcy Mullen
ENGL 1102 N4

This course is a service learning course focused on the interaction of communication and narrative in social justice (and specifically social justice in food and community). This course uses the living-learning opportunity to foster community engagement within the GATech Community. This course encourages students to learn the story of social justice in Atlanta and the south through its food history, and ask  bigger questions of its food futures. This course pairs with community engaged partners to pursue SLS Big Ideas, and community health partnerships. Through an organizational logic of sustainability, and community, we focus on the role of food systems thinking, food rescue, poetics of food, food literacy, and food justice. This course engages with SLS partners (such as Mario Cambardella, the Urban Agriculture Director for the Office of Resilience in the City of Atlanta) to continue building community literacy about the foodshed, food culture and foodways of Atlanta. Major artifacts may include a podcast (to be released/hosted on Aglanta Radio), Mapping of Market Gardens (including a research project), and Aesthetic Analyses of Food Metrics (like the food pyramid, food poetry, and/or Helene Sword’s The Writer’s Diet).

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