The Power of Art in Challenging Times

August 17, 2020

Mira Kaufman, a 4th year Public Policy major, and SLS Student Fellow, participated in the SLS Internship Program this summer and worked with Transformation Alliance (TFA), a broad partnership of organizations from the private, public and nonprofit sectors dedicated to creating thriving, mixed-income communities anchored by transit and linked to all the opportunities and amenities that make Atlanta great, whose mission is to offer all residents the opportunities for a high quality of life, linked by our region’s critically important transit system.  Mira authored a blog post for TFA that addressed the power of art during these challenging times in its ability "to unite groups, define human experiences, and demonstrate solidarity."  In addition to highlighting her own passion for art, specifically her hobbies of drawing and painting, she also showcases the artwork of other young adults in the Atlanta area using their art to express how they feel about and view what it's like to live during a time of pandemic and protest.