Liam's Legacy Symposium: Local to Global: Perspectives on Community Health

Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 11:00am to 1:45pm

Presented by Serve-Learn-Sustain, in partnership with School of History and Sociology (through a grant from the Gertrude and William C. Wardlaw Fund in support of the Conference on Human Rights, Changes and Challenges).

This event explores the question, "what are the most successful interventions in cultivating community health, especially in communities that have been traditionally marginalized?"  This guiding question entails examining how health-related organizations and agencies differently define "good health" and how access to power (political, cultural, and financial) impacts how community members interact with health-related resources and technologies.  In conjunction with our Serve-Learn-Sustain Linked Courses Program focused on Community Health, this event also investigates the concept of "community health."   In the framework used in our program, individual health and community health are symbiotic - with community health dependent on the health behaviors and health outcomes of individuals within the community and individual health dependent on the health status of the community.

The first panel will focus on community health at the local and regional registers, while the second panel will engage global perspectives; however, both panels will highlight the connectedness of local and global community health challenges and innovations.  Featured panelists include Sagdrina Jalal of the Georgia Farmer's Market Association, David Addiss of the Task Force for Global Health, Hope Bussenius and Charles Moore of Emory's Urban Health Initiative, Rihana Nesrudin of Oakhurst Medical Center, Angelou Ezeilo of the Greening Youth Foundation, and two Youth Leadership Team members of the International Rescue Committee. Hence, the symposium also explores how professionals from different disciplines and sectors view the concept of "community health" through the specific lenses of the communities--whether here in Atlanta or abroad-- with which they work. We hope you can join us for both panels, and enjoy lunch and conversation during the time in between! 

Two Sessions: 11:00am - 12:00pm (Morning Session - Community Health: Focus on Georgia ); 12:30pm - 1:45pm (Afternoon Session - Community Health: Widen the Lens)  Lunch will be offered during the session break between 12:00pm - 12:30pm

Live streaming is available for both sessions, if you are unable to attend.

‚ÄčAbout Liam Rattray & Liam's Legacy:

The Liam's Legacy Symposium honors the memory of Liam Rattray, an outstanding and socially-committed Georgia Tech Honors Program student who was tragically killed by a drunk driver just a few weeks after his graduation, in 2011.  We mourn his death, but we also celebrate his life in this annual event that carries his name and draws upon his legacy of engagement and activism.

Clough Lounge (Clough 205)