Innovating for Social Impact - LEARN REQUIREMENTS

WHAT: Take one course to learn some of the basics of social innovation and systems thinking as a tool for social impact.

HOW: There are three ways to complete this component:


  1. Take either MGT 4194 Social Entrepreneurship (offered every semester) or SLS 3120 Foundations of Sustainable Systems (offered every spring).
  2. Enroll in the co-curricular (non-credit) SLS Social Innovation Buzz Course, a non-credit mini-course co-taught with SLS partners the Center for Civic Innovation and Institute for Leadership and Social Impact, comprising a series of workshops and site visits held primarily off campus, to introduce students to community-based innovation in Atlanta - offered Spring 2021.  Click HERE for more information.
  3. Study abroad on the Leadership for Social Good Summer Study Abroad Program in Central and Eastern Europe, run by the Institute for Leadership and Social Impact, which includes three courses, one of which is a six-week internship with a social enterprise. Note that this program fulfills both the ENGAGE and LEARN requirements.