How to Access and Use Your SLS Funds (ex. Mini-Grants, etc.)

When you are awarded a mini-grant or course development grant, SLS transfers the funds to you through the financial analyst in your unit. Transfers are made on a monthly basis, via a Budget Adjustment, and occur at the end of each month.  Once funds are transferred,  those funds live with your unit, and it is up to you to track and spend them.  Your financial analyst in your unit can provide you with the appropriate project number and guide you in spending your funds. If you choose to have a guest speaker from a community organization, for example, and would like to pay that person a stipend to speak to your class, you start the payment process by asking her/him to register as a vendor. Those instructions are below. (If s/he has already been paid, at some point, by Georgia Tech, s/he is already in the vendor system, and doesn't need to register again.) Once your guest registers as a vendor, you will let your financial analyst know, and you will request that your guest submit an invoice to your unit/your financial analyst.  The check will come from your unit to the guest speaker, and though you won't see the money, that process can't start without your taking the actions described above. Please strive to keep track of what you've spent so that you use the money awarded you by SLS before the end of the budget year (fiscal years run July to June). 

The financial analyst in your unit should be able to assist the partner with this process.  However, the financial analyst may contact Jamie White-Jones in the Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain at or (404) 385-8135, if they have questions. 

Partner Payment Instructions

Please provide your partners with the following information to help expedite the process:


  • Decide whether you want to receive your payment as either:
    • Yourself as an individual, OR
    • A payment to your organization
  • Complete paperwork to enter you or your organization in the Georgia Tech Procurement System as a vendor:
    • If you are requesting a payment for yourself, you need to be listed in the system.
    • If you are requesting payment to your organization, your organization needs to be listed.
    • If you (payment for yourself) or your organization (payment to your organization) have received payment from Georgia Tech in the past, please let us know. We will confirm that you/your organization are still listed as a vendor

It takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete the GT online vendor registration form. Please check out this series of screencaps for more detailed guidance on vendor registration. The person registering as a vendor (whether for self or organization) must choose an appropriate category for the type of services rendered.  If completing the vendor registration process as an individual, you will need to use your social security number (SSN) in place of a Tax ID number in the required field.

Once you have completed your vendor profile, please provide your faculty partner with a statement of services or invoice requesting payment, and confirm that you have completed the vendor profile.  Tip: If you need to create an invoice from scratch, Microsoft Word and Google Docs both have multiple invoice template options available that are acceptable for the payment process. In your e-mail or statement of services, include a phone number where you can be reached with questions.  If requesting payment to your organization, please submit the statement on letterhead.  If your organization does not have official letterhead, please ensure the name of the organization is on your final submitted statement of services or invoice.

Payments to both individuals and organizations are typically processed within 30 business days. If that time has elapsed and no payment has been received, please follow up directly with your faculty partners so they can work with the appropriate departments to get your payment expedited.