Excel Current Events

Spring 2018
Fall 2017

Excel Current Events is a participation (not for credit) course for degree-seeking students who are interested in developing their communication skills in conversations with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Excel is a certificate program through professional education that is offered to college-aged adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These students attend classes with degree-seeking students as well as classes that are specifically designed to enhance skills in areas that are most meaningful for them. This course will introduce students to the variety of methods used to obtain and report the news. In addition, we will investigate the events that make news and discuss the social and community implications in order to bridge the communication gap in a group with a variety of cognitive functioning levels. During this course we will hear from local leaders in the community to consider their viewpoints as well. Students will work in teams to follow a news story as it develops throughout the semester and reflect on the impact it had on our lives through a final capstone presentation.