Faculty Research Spotlight: Integrating Resilience Across Social-Ecological Systems

Friday, March 1, 2019 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

The SLS Faculty Research Spotlight features Dr. Jenny McGuire (Biological Sciences) and Dr. Allen Hyde (History and Sociology) who will discuss their collaborative research project, "Integrating Resilience across Social-Ecological Systems."  The rapid change in climates across the globe requires us to determine which human and ecological systems will be most affected and how to alleviate climate vulnerability, captured by the concept of climate resilience. While past studies have largely focused on climate resilience through the lens of either ecological or social systems, there is great potential in quantifying and optimizing climate resilience through the study of integrated social-ecological systems. A neighborhood’s resilience could be quantified as rain volume that can be absorbed before succumbing to a flooded state (ecological resilience) or as the time before that neighborhood returns to full functionality following a flooding event (engineering resilience). One could also quantify the neighborhood park’s ecological and engineering resilience, which that might differ significantly from that of the neighborhood. Taken separately, this information could tell us in a patchwork manner about the resilience of the city. However, a more powerful approach is to model  the ecological and evolutionary resilience of a spatially integrated parkland-neighborhood system. This research explores the potential  of such an approach for social-ecological systems in the Southeastern US.

Clough Lounge (Clough 205)