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March 1st - 4th, 2022 (Virtual and In-Person events)

The multi-sponsored annual EQUINOX Week is a full week of multidisciplinary events across the KSU both campuses focused on the Sustainable Development Goals -- involving student volunteering programs, educational research sessions, and networking opportunities. Promoting strategic and shared goals, the EQUINOX Week seeks to advance multidisciplinary research and collaboration among the KSU colleges and community through various programs, including the annual EQUINOX Symposium: UN SDGs; EQUINOX_Exhibit; Sustainable Development Awards; EQUINOX FORUM: Sustainability through Multiple Lenses; and Sustainable Development Career Pathways.

April 6th - 7th, 2022

The NWF EcoCareers Conference prepares students and young professionals for wildlife and sustainability careers by providing information on the latest EcoCareer trends from leading analysts and employers, clarifying career-enhancing credentials and academic offerings, and formulating a better understanding of the competencies employers seek in the green sector.


Atlanta Studies Symposium: New Ways of Seeing the City

Friday, May 6th, 2022 (Knowles Conference Center, Georgia State University School of Law)

The pandemic has kept us at home, shifting our spatial imaginaries and how we experience the city.  It has also shined a new light on the role of essential workers and those not privileged enough to work from home. As we come out of lockdown, there's an opportunity to see the city (past, present, and future) with new eyes.  This could be a frame for thinking about novel methodologies to study Atlanta, a forum for exploring the diverse disciplinary perspectives that the Atlanta Studies Symposium brings together, as well as a loose umbrella that could bring together a variety of empirical studies, such as seeing from the perspective of marginalized communities/lost histories/stories from the periphery rather than the center.