Sustainable Community & Systems

We will explore sustainability from a systems perspective, including physical/resource balances, ecological/carbon cycle processes, economic/financial practices, political/policy processes and public participation as they relate to communities in Atlanta and around the world.

Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee Project

The Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee project provides a framework for Georgia Tech students, faculty and staff to investigate the role that bees play in pollinating urban landscapes. Volunteers with the program help with conservation projects, educational outreach to the community, and get hands-on experience keeping bees. Faculty and students can leverage the resources and expertise of the project to incorporate bee-related content or projects into their courses or research.

Design of mHealth Tools for HIV Outreach Workers in Gujarat (India)

Public Service Pathway Spring 2016 Awardee

This project worked in collaboration with a local HIV organization in Gujarat, India, to design mHealth tools. 


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