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Integrative Management Analysis: Social Enterprise Practicum

This course is for students who are passionate about social (and/or environmental) issues, and have identified an interest area where they want to make real change by developing an innovative solution.  The course will serve as a guide in the students' problem solving journey by exploring topics like: human-centered design, social impact assessment, customer discovery, sustainable communities, and more.  Students will connect with area experts who will serve as mentors and provide feedback throughout the semester.

Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior is a field of study that seeks to understand, explain, and improve human behavior in organizations. The goal of this course is to enhance students’ managerial and organizational skills by developing an understanding of evidence-based organizational behavior (OB). The course surveys various topics in OB and uses a variety of instructional techniques, balancing conceptual knowledge with practical application. Topics include: individual personality, job attitudes, motivation, leadership, performance, and team dynamics.

Brandi Thompson
Communications Officer
Jennifer Holley Lux
Anna Montgomery
B.S., Business Adminisatration
Hannah Schafer
Hannah Schafer
SLS Global Student Ambassador
Undergraduate Student, Business
Karthik Ramachandran
Associate Professor
Terry Blum
Terry Blum
Ted Munchak Chair in Entrepreneurship; Professor; Faculty Director, Institute for Leadership and Social Impact
Daniel Weagley
Assistant Professor
Nathan Heald
Nathan Heald


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