Spring 2021
Alexandra Edwards
ENGL 1102

Social media has changed the ways we communicate about science (#SciComm), and this is especially true of the citizen scientists, ornithologists, and plain old enthusiasts who log on to talk about birds. In this remote asynchronous course, we will consider not only contemporary #BirdComm but also how these conversations have changed over the past 150 years. We'll read groundbreaking works written by naturalists and activists, watch bird videos on YouTube, and investigate how apps like eBird and Twitter shape our understanding of avifauna, the wider natural world, and our place in it as animals who live in a society. Our multimodal assignments will include individual and group work in the form of field reports, Wikipedia contributions, and exercises in visual communication. You can take this class from anywhere in the world—in fact, the further from Atlanta you are, the more ecological diversity we can all experience together. You don't need to know anything about birds, but it will help if you like them, or at least don't mind learning more about them! Students in this course will have multiple opportunities to interact with birders and scientists around the world.

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