Become Part of an SLS-Affiliated Research Team - Register for a VIP

October 28, 2019

If you regularly read the SLS Reflections blog, chances are you are interested in learning about how you can help “create sustainable communities.” Are you also interested in learning what it’s like to do research? If so – then you should check out the SLS VIPs – Vertically-Integrated Projects. VIPs are projects conducted by multidisciplinary teams comprising students and faculty, and sometimes staff and community or industry partners. SLS VIPs focus on topics related to sustainable communities, on campus and off. Students can register for them for different amounts of credit, ranging from 1 to 3, and participate for multiple semesters. Projects are student-led, with faculty guidance.

SLS is proud to offer 8 affiliated VIPs, including:

Learn more about them on our Affiliated Courses web page, here.

Consider registering for a VIP for next semester – and join us as we work together to dig deep into what it takes to create communities where people and nature thrive.