APPLICATION DEADLINE - SLS BUZZ Course: 4-Day Skills Workshop - Social Innovation for Sustainable Communities

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 - 5:00pm
Presented by Serve-Learn-Sustain, and The Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship in the Scheller College of Business. with our community partner, the Center for Civic Innovation

*This course fulfills the LEARN requirement for the SLS Innovating for Social Impact Program. Read more about that program here.*

Social Innovation is all the rage right now. Come learn what the buzz is all about! This short course will introduce you to the basics of innovation as a tool for social impact and expose you to some of Atlanta’s experienced and burgeoning civic entrepreneurs - problem solvers working locally to tackle large-scale challenges in new and creative ways. It is intended for students who want to understand what social innovation is and explore how to recognize and support innovative ideas – or, if they wish, become social entrepreneurs themselves.

Highlights of this Buzz Course include:

  • Participate in a Social Enterprise boot camp run by CCI and open to the public – so you will learn alongside aspiring entrepreneurs from across Atlanta (see the description of the last boot camp offered here)
  • Work in teams on mini-projects with civic entrepreneurs tackling different types of challenges in Atlanta – and seeking input or assistance specifically from college students
  • Meet and collaborate with students from different majors across campus, bringing a variety of perspectives to social innovation and the mini-projects

Participants who complete ALL parts of the workshop will receive a "Certificate of Completion of Georgia Tech SLS Short Course in Social Innovation for Sustainable Communities."