SLS Trainers - 2016

SLS selected the following faculty and staff members to serve as Trainers for the Spring and Fall 2016 semesters.  Trainers worked with SLS staff to develop a tailored training approach and tools for faculty development to assist with integrating sustainable communities content and community engagement/service-learning experiences into existing and new courses and projects at Tech.  Trainers also planned and implemented an SLS Information Session in each of their units/colleges for faculty and staff interested in further participation in SLS.

Baabak Ashuri, Associate Professor, School of Building Construction/School of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Christopher Burke, Director of Community Relations

Monika Halka, Associate Director, Honors Program

Joy Harris, Director, Engineering for Social Innovation Center

Neha Kumar, Assistant Professor, School of Interactive Computing/Sam Nunn School of International Affairs

Chris Le Dantec, Assistant Professor, School of Literature, Media, and Communication

Jennifer Leavey, Integrated Science Curriculum Coordinator, College of Sciences

Sarah O'Brien, Brittain Fellow, School of Literature, Media, and Communication

Dori Pap, Assistant Director, Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Anne Rogers, Associate Director, Sustainability Program and Portfolio Manager, Office of Campus Sustainability

Supraja Sudharsan, Ph.D. Student, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs

Carol Sullivan, Faculty Teaching and Learning Specialist, Center for Teaching and Learning

Nitra Wisdom, Academic Advisor I, School of Architecture