Technology and Sustainable Community Development (Tech and Sustainable Communities)

Fall 2016
Fall 2017
Ellen Zegura
SLS 3110

When does technology improve communities? When doesn’t it, and why? How can you improve your chance of having a positive long-term impact on communities? How is designing technology for communities different from designing technology for consumers?  This course will explore the role of technology in the development of sustainable communities, locally and internationally. Through a combination of historical perspective, case studies, community engagement methods and practice, and critical evaluation techniques, students will develop an appreciation for the strengths and limitations of technology in sustainable community development and the skills needed to approach sustainable community issues.  

This course has an SLS designation so students in any major can count it towards free electives, and it is additionally cross-listed with CS.  You can register for any one of the course numbers and you'll be in the same class!  Contact: Ellen Zegura.

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