School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Budget: $20,000

Strategy Overview:

CEE issued the following call for proposals to its faculty:

Serve-Learn-Sustain is a campus-wide academic initiative focused on creating sustainable communities. SLS has set aside approximately $20,000 for initiatives from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, to be awarded and completed in the 2016-2017 academic year. It is anticipated that five to eight awards will be made, with budgets ranging from $2000 - $5000. CEE is currently the center of multiple ongoing sustainability initiatives and courses with a sustainability or community engagement/service learning component, and the additional funds from SLS will be used to enhance ongoing initiatives, as well as to catalyze new thrust areas. A call for proposals will focus on sustainability, communities, or sustainable communities. The primary areas of emphasis are:

  1. Broad based initiatives that support sustainable communities within one or more of the CEE Strategic Research Initiatives: Big Data and Smart Systems; Healthy Communities and Sustainable Cities; Resilient Systems and Communities; or Energy Systems.
  2. Curricular innovations
  3. Serve-Learn-Sustain seminar series, retreats, or workshops.