Mission, Vision, Approach


Our Mission 

  • SLS educates students through classroom, co-curricular, and real-world learning, on campus and off-  to contribute to the task of "creating sustainable communities"
  • SLS builds the capacity of faculty to (a) teach sustainable communities-related courses, and (b) collaborate with diverse partners on their research
  • SLS facilitates GT participation in Partnerships that bring together key partners - from government, community, nonprofit, academic, and business sectors -  for joint learning, research, and action

Our Vision

  • Georgia Tech graduates are using their disciplinary expertise related to science and technology to help “create sustainable communities” where humans and nature flourish, now and in the future, in Georgia, the U.S., and around the globe
  • Universities around the globe are asking, “What does Georgia Tech think?” about the role that a technological institute can play in creating sustainable communities
  • Students are choosing to come to Georgia Tech partly to participate in Serve-Learn-Sustain