Our Mission and Vision


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Our Mission

  • SLS educates students - through classroom, co-curricular, and real-world learning, on campus and off - to contribute to the task of "creating sustainable communities"
  • SLS builds the capacity of faculty to (a) teach sustainable communities-related courses and (b) collaborate with diverse partners on their research
  • SLS facilitates GT participation in Partnerships that bring together key partners - from the government, community, nonprofit, academic, and business sectors - for joint learning, research, and action


Our Vision

  • Georgia Tech graduates are using their disciplinary expertise to help "create sustainable communities" where humans and nature flourish, in Georgia, the U.S., and around the globe
  • Universities around the globe are asking, "What does Georgia Tech think?" about the role that a technological institution can play in creating sustainable communities
  • Students are choosing to come to Georgia Tech partly to participate in Serve-Learn-Sustain


People & Partners

Meet some of the people that have made our mission possible.