Making the List: Banned Books, Best Sellers, and Best Of

Fall 2017
Rebekah Fitzsimmons
ENGL 1101
What makes a book a success? In this writing course, we will examine three measures of book quality: literary prizes, bestseller lists, and the banned book list. The course will include projects that enhance written, oral, visual, electronic and nonverbal (WOVEN) communication skills while honing students’ ability to think and talk critically about literature, culture, and consumer habits within a wide variety of reading communities and other audiences. Students will examine the ways in which these different types of lists can shape reading communities and communicate the particular cultural and social values of different organizations. Students will engage with textual analysis, statistical/data analysis, visual analysis, and scholarly research as they work to construct public-facing artifacts aimed at building and supporting specific reading publics and the wider Atlanta community. This course is open to undergraduate students of all majors. 
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