Living Building Challenge

As part of the Living Building project at Georgia Tech, SLS' Director, Jennifer Hirsch is co-chairing the Equity Petal Work Group.  One of seven Living Building Challenge "petals," the Equity Petal's overall goal is to transform developments to foster a true, inclusive sense of community.  This involves four requirements: that half a percent of the project's budget be given to an appropriate charity; creation of walkable, "human scale" features; protection of public accessibility to air, water, and nature; and having one organization involved in the project obtain the International Living Futures Institute Just label.  The Work Group is focused on involving underrepresented campus groups as well as off-campus community members in the building's design, operations, and programs.  They are looking at ways to train and hire nearby residents for construction jobs, and want to create a "living learning lab" on equity.

For more information, read this article by Ken Edelstein from The Kendeda Fund.