Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

SLS Liaison: Kelly Comfort, Modern Languages, kcomfort@gatech.edu

Budget: $20,000

Strategy Overview:

After completing SLS inventories of existing courses related to SLS for each School in the IAC and conducting meetings with Dean Royster, School Chairs, Associate Deans, Associate Chairs, and SLS Director Jennifer Hirsch, four strategies emerged for IAC collaboration with the Center for Serve‐Learn‐Sustain (SLS) for AY2016-17. SLS IAC Liaison Kelly Comfort (Modern Languages) issued a Call for Proposals addressing these strategies, for the $20,000 allocated by SLS for IAC. To fund the highest number of projects possible, the proposal encouraged funding requests for up to $1500 for individual endeavors and up to $4000 for collaborative ideas. Priority was given to interdisciplinary projects, especially those that are cross‐School or cross‐College. So far, we have allocated $15,428.93 of the total funding, with the remaining funds ($4571.07) slotted for a film series and a project TBD related to the Social Justice minor. We are funding projects in the following categories:


  1. “Sustaining Creative Communities” Event Series (promoting creative and artistic approaches to SLS topics

  2. Global Sustainable Communities: Study/Research Abroad Program Development and Support

  3. Promoting the Social Justice and Global Development Minors

  4. SLS/“Sustainable Communities” Curricular Development for IAC Faculty

  5. Promoting IAC Involvement in SLS 2016-17 Themes: Environmental Justice (EJ), Smart Cities, Food, Energy, Water Systems (FEWS), and Social Sustainability