GWW School of Mechanical Engineering


GWW School of Mechanical Engineering

SLS Liaison: Kathryn Wingate,

Budget: $20,000

Strategy Overview:

The school is issuing a Call for Proposals for $10,000 of the $20,000 dollars allocated by SLS for GWW ME. Any GWW ME faculty member is eligible to submit a proposal. Proposals should outline class projects, field trips, speakers, or other learning methodologies that incorporate the SLS themes into GWW ME courses for the Spring 2017 semester. Themes are: Food, Energy, Water Systems (FEWS), Smart Cities, Environmental Justice, Social Sustainability, and the general SLS theme, Creating Sustainable Communities. Proposals should include a final deliverable to SLS for public distribution on their website, showcasing how the funding was effectively utilized. For example, a final deliverable may be a 1 page written summary reflecting on how students benefited from this work with pictures showing students participating in the project/field trip. Proposals to develop materials for new or existing courses will also be considered. Priority will be given to interdisciplinary projects. To fund the highest number of projects possible, the call encourages funding requests up to $2000 for individual endeavors and up to $4000 for collaborative ideas. The Call for Proposals will be issued at early October, 2016. Proposals will be reviewed by SLS GWW ME Liaison Kathryn Wingate, the GWW Undergraduate Chair Al Ferri, the GWW Chair for Administration Bert Bras, and SLS.

The remaining $10,000 dollars allocated by SLS for GWW ME will be given to Capstone Design (ME 4182, GT 4823). The $10,000 dollars will be given to 5 projects in $2,000 dollar increments across the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters. The funding will be used by students to create, develop, and prototype their final designs. Projects should fall under one of the SLS themes described below. Projects for the Spring 2016 semester will be determined by GWW ME Director of Design Amit Jariwala, SLS GWW ME Liaison Kathryn Wingate, and SLS.

All courses receiving SLS funding will be expected to affiliate with SLS. See guidelines here.