Flint Water Crisis

Flint Water Crisis: Learn More & Take Action

General Background on the Flint Crisis:

Information on “Public Works”:

It is important to understand what "public works" means and why it is no surprise that Flint's Public Works Director resigned after this crisis began.

Infographics Explaining the Engineering:

Additional Background on Water Quality:

  • Drinktap.org by the American Water Works Association - This site can assist understanding what is in their water and how to test it
  • EPA - Lead in D.C. Drinking Water - This site details step taken in Washington, D.C. when it had a similar issue of high lead levels in drinking water.

Get involved in local Atlanta efforts related to
Environment and Justice:

Support local Flint organizations:

  • See Time Magazine’s list of organizations accepting donations for Flint and Rachel Maddow’s list of ways to help (of special interest may be Virginia Tech’s GoFundMe campaign for their water study work in Flint)
  • Contact some of these organizations and ask how your student group can support their work - including possibly through a Spring Break or summer trip. We have historical precedent for this. After Hurricane Katrina, the African American Student Union, the Georgia Tech Society of Black Engineers, and other groups began raising money and organizing trips to New Orleans to support rebuilding efforts. They resided at a Salvation Army facility during these trips and worked with social justice orgs on the ground in New Orleans.

Get involved with GT efforts related to Environment and Community:

  • Tell the faculty and administration at Tech that you want to learn how to use your disciplinary expertise to make a difference in the world
  • Ask your professors to talk about Flint and other real-life examples of how engineering interacts with social and community context – and how your discipline can improve the social good and help the environment (including through
  • Get involved with Serve-Learn-Sustain!
    • Take an SLS-affiliated course
    • Get involved with a student organization working with community organizations on these issues
    • Sign up for our email list to stay informed about SLS events