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CDS Presentation (June 2016)

Workshop Agenda (April 2017)

Assessment Presentation (April 2017)

Partnership Presentation (April 2017)

SLS Presentation (April 2017

Toolkit Presentation (April 2017)


Teaching Resources

Suggested Syllabus Language

FAQs on Partnering with Non-profit Community Organizations

Concept Mapping Training Video

Benjamin Yang's Application of the Solo Taxonomy in his Electromagnetic Course - video

Writing and Communication Guide 

(The Georgia Tech Writing and Communication Program helps students think critically about social issues, communicate effectively to a variety of audiences, and develop rhetorical strategies appropriate to the wider professional and social world.)


Learning Outcomes

SLS Learning Outcomes

Workshop Outcomes (June 2016)

Assessment Documents (Backwards Design, Blooms Taxomony)


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Sustainability Diagrams