College of Computing

College of Computing

SLS Liaison: Ellen Zegura, Computer Science,

Budget: $20,000

Strategy Overview:

Despite the fact that Ellen Zegura (Computer Science) was one of the co-architects of the Quality Enhancement Plan, building on her experiences with Computing For Good, the sustainable communities theme is not especially well represented in the current teaching and research activities of the College of Computing, though there is much potential for better connections. Examples of other faculty members with strong SLS connections are Bistra Dilkina (computational sustainability; CSE) and Neha Kumar (Information and Communication Technologies and Development; IC and INTA). Other faculty members doing community engagement work include Betsy DiSalvo (learning technologies, IC), Beki Grinter (HCI, IC) and Gregory Abowd (HCI, IC). Ashok Goel (artificial intelligence, IC) has a new project in environmental challenges and big data. Very few courses have affiliated with SLS, another reflection of the weak current connection.

To increase connections, the strategy we are pursuing is twofold. First, we will run a speaker series that invites external speakers working in CoC-related SLS areas to campus, ideally in a co-sponsoring arrangement with Centers (e.g., GVU, IDEaS, IISP). These speakers will help expose CoC faculty and students to the opportunities in SLS related areas that involve Computing. Second, we will fund two demonstrations of the research and teaching connections that are possible within existing projects and courses; we will ask these recipients to work with us to connect firmly to SLS, and to share their experience with others interested in doing so.