Voice & Agency

Big Idea Writeup

Voice & Agency

Voice and agency refer to the ways in which we seek out and engage with local expertise and experience. The primary concern here is that community partners’ voice is present—possible amplified—in collaborative projects and that those same partners have the ability to direct their involvement and research/project outcomes.


ENGL 1102: "We Understand Them, Do We Not?" Narrative and Empathy in Fictional Form(s)

The world we live in requires us to understand others who are very different from us; in many cases, our future (and lives) depends upon it. Scholars in cognitive science, psychology, and neuroscience have recently argued that reading literary fiction can improve our empathetic understanding of other people. Literary fiction can arguably be a bridge between ourselves and the minds, intentions, and thoughts of others. This 1102 course will focus on how literary fiction engages our empathetic understanding of the world and others.

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