Smart Cities

These tools correspond with the SLS Student Learning Outcomes

Big Idea Writeup

Smart Cities

The ‘smart city’ refers to the increasing role of new digital technologies in understanding and addressing an array of problems facing contemporary cities.

Blog Article

Smart Cities, Big Data, and the Matrix

Read  a reflection by Djuan Coleon, Executive Director of PURE (Project Urban Renewable Energy) on the recent SLS/INSS Conference: Smart, Connected Cities, as he writes about Smart Cities, Big Data, and the Matrix.  Djuan serves as CEO and Board Chair of PURE where he oversees the day to day operations of the organization.


Vertically Integrated Project: Civic Design

The purpose of this course is to research and develop information, communication, and media systems to address regional civic issues, using techniques from design, computing, and social sciences , in collaboration with government and community partners.  These systems will have real-world impact, and promote social sustainabilty, equity, and justice.

Toolkit Listing

Smart City Kit

The Smart City Kit is a set of hands-on materials that supports collaborative scenario building activities. These activities can foster a greater understanding of smart-cities as socio-technical systems. Through these activities, students should develop an appreciation for how smart cities technologies fit or don’t fit into the fabric of everyday life in the city. The kit requires no background knowledge in design or participatory methods – complete instructions are provided. It can be customized for specific technologies or scenarios, and it can be used across the curriculum. 

The Smart City tool is available for check-out from the Serve-Learn-Sustain office. Email us to inquire. You can also find all the resources needed to build your own kit above by following the "Build Your Own Kit" link.