Long-term Visioning

These tools correspond with the SLS Student Learning Outcomes





Development Economics

This is a graduate course on development economics. The course will cover a wide range of topics including how communities differ in terms of: economic growth, poverty, inequality, and human development. The course will help students understand what do we mean by sustainable development, what are the problems in achieving it and how can we overcome those problems.

Sustainability, Technology, and Policy

The goal of this course is to provide a solid introduction to the concept of sustainable growth and development. Students will learn how to professionally navigate the current debate on sustainability and to assess strategies to promote sustainable communities and a sustainable planet. The course will blend qualitative and quantitative analysis of sustainable development, with large use of data analysis to measure progress towards sustainable development. Special attention will be paid to the role of technological innovation.

Toolkit Listing

Concept Maps

This Concept Maps tool introduces and provides an overview of concept maps, which can be used to assess student knowledge in a specific module or assignment. Concept maps are a useful tool for assessing student knowledge over the course of a project, module, or course. You can utilize concept maps as a pre- and post-assessment activity to test student knowledge regarding a specific topic or skill.  

Responsible and Sustainable Creativity: Working with the Georgia Tech Invention Studio

This tool is developed from ideas used by Yelena Rivera-Vale and Kristina Chatfield in their GT 1000 courses. Students are invited to tour the Georgia Tech Invention Studio and to then consider how the projects they would like to create in the Studio take responsible and sustainable design practices into account.