GT as Living Lab

Big Idea Writeup

GT as Living Lab

The Living Laboratory concept will support applied learning for sustainability outcomes, utilizing the Georgia Tech campus as a place where real-world information is gathered, tested and improved. This concept is in its early stages of development, but we are already supporting many hands-on learning experiences and cooperative investigations.

GT as Living Lab- Library Next

The Georgia Tech Library could serve as a living laboratory for students and faculty to prototype ideas related to sustainability. “Experiments” in the library could include: interactive exhibits to inspire behavioral change, integrating the new library’s leading edge environmental engineering design into the curriculum, or co-creating new modes for faculty scholarly communication related to sustainability.

Toolkit Listing

Learning More About Community Organizations

This presentation tool, based on a lesson created by Yelena Rivera-Vale and Kristina Chatfield for their GT 1000 course, introduces first year students to community organizations working on initiatives in the local Atlanta area. Interviewing members, actively participating in organizational activities, and then reporting on these experiences allows students a chance to not only further explore the ways that Georgia Tech actively partners with community organizations but also offers a chance to see some of the successes produced by these partnerships first-hand.

Raising Awareness Through Poster Design

It's one thing to be able to articulate what sustainability means, and it's another thing to be able to communicate your ideas through visual design, but this poster design tool does both. Through this tool, students use poster campaigns to raise awareness about Georgia Tech's sustainability practices. While many students already have some skills with design software and photography, here they'll practice design skills using Adobe software available in the library, the Multimedia Studio, or through the Virtual Lab.

Getting to Know our Georgia Tech

This journaling tool, based on a lesson created by Yelena Rivera-Vale and Kristina Chatfield, introduces first year students to Georgia Tech’s efforts to create a sustainable campus community. Touring sites on campus, documenting the tour experience through journaling and photography, and considering the ways that sustainable design can impact the environment, equity, and economy will teach students about how effective sustainable design impacts both Georgia Tech and the wider Atlanta community.