Assorted Rubrics

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The Assorted Rubrics Tool provides a series of rubrics that assess Written Assignments, Group/Team Presentations, and Technical Reports. Instructors can also use these rubrics to assess appropriate Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), relevant to their partnership with Serve-Learn-Sustain. The following rubrics are adaptable for various types of assignments or projects you may have in your course.

For written assignments, the Written Assignments Rubric is useful for focusing on aspects such as rhetorical awareness, stance, development of ideas, and organization. Additionally, we’ve included 3-4 SLOs that are most common in written assignments; however, any of the nine SLOs included on the SOLO Taxonomy Rubric may be assessed.

  1. Use and adapt the rubric appropriate for your assignment (Written, Group/Team Presentation, Technical Report).
  2. For the Group Presentation, you may use the RTOP (Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol) as an alternative or supplemental mode of assessment. 
  3. Choose the selected SLOs that your Written Assignment, Group/Team Presentation, or Technical Report assesses. 
  4. Utilize these sections in the SOLO Taxonomy Rubric to note changes in structural student knowledge.
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Carol Thurman
Owen Cantrell